intelligence vs. wisdom..

“the issue isn’t the accuracy of the bombs you have, it’s how you use the bombs you have, and more importantly, whether you ought to use bombs at all.”
(malcolm gladwell via
(recorded at “tedglobal2011″ july 11th-15th 2011)
(posted on “ted blog” october 26th, 2011)

click here to read:
transcript for “malcolm gladwell:
the strange tale of the norden bombsight..”

(text version)

i.e. funding (in the millions of dollars range) for the development of such things, is provided by governments, when the device is deemed an advantage to their military endeavours. then after a while, the devices, having already been created, are altered for public usage.

“there’s no such thing as a winnable war,
it’s a lie we don’t believe anymore.”


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